Why Coaching?

  • Is your life calling out for far less rushing and stress, and much more meaning, work-life balance, connection, relaxation and fun?
  • Or maybe things are humming along, but you can’t shake the feeling that there’s got to be more to life than this… does part of you dream of designing and leading a life with more purpose and passion?
  • Are you struggling with procrastination and disorganization despite your efforts to manage your time and tasks effectively?
  • Are you facing a big challenge, transition or decision in life — changing careers, starting a family, going back to work, burnout, illness, breaking up, divorce, the empty nest, aging parents, retirement, bereavement — that highlights your need for updated clarity, courage and direction?
  • Do you want to get steady in a customized lifestyle of resting, nourishing, and moving your body for optimal leanness, energy and wellness?
  • Would greater optimism, resilience and confidence allow you to lead and connect more effectively at work? How would these capacities also allow you to show up more authentically in your personal relationships?
  • Do you wish you could be more agile and grounded when communicating – balancing speaking and listening, assertiveness and acceptance?
  • Are you yearning for greater presence, intimacy, gratitude and belonging? Do you need new skills to retool or let go of unhealthy relationships, and/or seek out and enhance good ones?

These topics are great motivations for why you would hire me as your professional coach.

If you are ready to leave behind the temporary and superficial results of advice, self-help resources, weekend workshops, and resolutions – come work with me!

If you realize that you need an approach to deep and lasting change which


  • your unique inspirations, meanings and perspectives
  • a supportive, guiding and challenging conversation partner
  • doing new actions in real life to build your skills
  • the larger context of your life, work, home, communities and culture
  • come work with me!

    I would be honored to be your dedicated guide to customized and comprehensive discovery and development. As your Integral Master Coach™, I bring an essential and embodied understanding of how adults change and the power of including your mind, heart, spirit, body, relationships and environment in your program. With me, you will build enduring capacities that will allow you to not just make progress in your topic, but to become your best self and truly thrive.


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Ottawa, Ontario K2B 5B9

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