What is Involved?

Envisioning begins with an Intake Conversation of 75-90 minutes to fully explore you and your topic… your approach and results to date, and the larger context of your life. After I custom craft your coaching program with developmental objectives, and we have a 75-90 minute Offer Conversation, your self-discovery continues with some focused self-observation of your current way of being in or approaching your topic … watching for certain thoughts and actions, with some customized questions about your assumptions and outcomes. You will get to know some very useful information about how and why you have felt stuck in your topic to date… and be ready to discover new ways of thinking and being!

Evolution is at the core of any of my coaching programs. Through two 60-70 minute Coaching Conversations each month, your engagement in customized practices with reflection questions, and email support and accountability, you will be guided to develop new perspectives and abilities. You will be supported and challenged, step by step, to become more aware of and less bound by your current ways of approaching your topic that are not working for you. At the same time, we will take advantage of any aspects of your existing habits and patterns that are helpful, while actively building the new capacities you need to get traction and make true progress. You choose the depth and duration of your program – I can work with you from 3 to 6 to 9 months. View Programs

Embodiment is what we will celebrate in our Completion Conversation – taking stock of your growth and development, practices you want to continue or revisit, and making plans to ensure your consolidated successes can be counted on moving forward through new challenges and opportunities.


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