Coaching Programs


You are ready for one 90 minute conversation to gain a fresh and fuller perspective on an old or new challenge – and to benefit from customized practice ideas to catalyze your clarity and momentum.


You have a topic that deeply matters to you, and you know that it is time for a new approach. You are ready to focus and partner with me as your coach for 3 to 4 months to learn new ways of thinking, being and behaving on behalf of real and reliable progress.


You know your topic deserves 6 to 7 months to truly master lasting, supportive and effective shifts in your perspectives, relationships, habits, and skills. You are fully ready to invest in your evolution towards a life of thriving.


You are at a stage in your life when you are ready to drop into deep personal development for 9 to 10 months on behalf of profound traction, progress and transformation in your topic. You know that one size does NOT fit all, and are open to the customized power of the Integral Coaching™ method and my full commitment to your embodied change.


For former clients (or students), 3 additional cycles of 60-75 minute coaching conversations with customized practices/questions designed to refresh your development and reconsolidate success.


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