Coaching Client Testimonials

Working with Deb is nothing short of completely transformational. She’s so easy to be with and open up to, that sweeping through the most untended corners of my deepest challenges felt safe and almost easy. Deb managed to stretch me in a way that made me feel like she was entirely on my side, walking me over to face what I couldn’t yet see or wasn’t yet willing to take on on my own.

Two years ago, I decided to seek out a coach because I felt like something was missing in my life. It just seemed like there was more of me hiding somewhere inside, and I wanted to find that part of myself. I had always been somewhat reticent, holding back in many ways because I didn’t feel quite good enough. In a few short months, with Deb as my coach, I was able to make more progress than I had made years ago in psychotherapy.

As MBA student, I found Deb to be great at keeping me on track and challenging me, while always listening to and respecting my pace and emotional state. Deb is a genuine and engaged active listener. She hears things you say and don’t say – things you meant, but didn’t express correctly and even anticipates your thoughts, but never taking away your true meaning or intention. She always built tracks for me to follow… a direction to take – things to focus on…. one step at a time.

Working with Deb Thompson proved to be a pivotal time in my life. Deb developed a personalized program to allow me ease and an awareness of how to stay in my body, to stay fully present, in the face of disability and pain, and challenging life circumstances. My life-long pattern had been to rely upon my cognitive abilities. This did not working well when faced with so much pain and medical intervention that I literally could not think straight! Learning how to stay in my body, feel my emotions, reach for the connection of relationships, feel supported by the Universe – via Deb’s wisdom and practical tools for how to do so, turned a life crisis into extraordinary personal transformation.

As a 61 year old cancer researcher, I was confronted with leaving a high-profile, intense career in a few years’ time. I tried reading self-help “coping with retirement” books, but they seemed to be too preoccupied with financial concerns, rather than the emotional roller coasters and doubts that impending retirees face as their careers wind-down. I was aware that my sense of satisfaction was so much driven by achieving success in my academic career that I was not really able to visualize what the future held for me. I knew nothing about coaching. Deb was very understanding and she explained this process in a very transparent and engaging way.

I wanted to become more self expressed, to build my confidence in sharing my writing and music, and in a larger sense, to relate more authentically with others. Being coached by Deb, I discovered that in order to do that I needed to become better able to stand up for myself in all sorts of life situations. Getting underneath my initial objective was fundamental to my success. I loved working with Deb. She’s a master. She’s engaging and insightful, and deeply caring.

Frustrated, stuck and preoccupied with weight AND not wanting to return to Weight Watchers again, I hired Deb as my coach to meet my commitment to myself. My surprise was that not only did I lose these 10 pounds, but more significantly, the coaching was transformational in all areas of my life. Using her deep insight and skills, she helped me free myself from “old” stories and create a “new” identity which is paying off professionally and personally. I’m experiencing continued growth and freedom that I’ve never had and I’m applying the learnings still to tackle all challenges.

I sought coaching with Deb so that I could further my development as an Integral Master Coach™ post Certification. Having Deb as my Coach was a profound experience on many levels. In addition to Deb’s deep grounding in the method, it was wonderful to experience being a client and to receive such challenging, loving support from Deb.

I didn’t start out my coaching sessions with a clear picture of what I wanted to achieve, but after just a short time of ongoing coaching with Deb, I could vision the next steps. Deb takes a systemic approach to both developing a plan and identifying any roadblocks that could prevent you from achieving those goals by understanding your world both personally and professionally.

I had recently become widowed, and felt it was time to look at re-creating myself in my new life situation. Deb’s intuitive and creative sense of presenting some options for me to consider in that process were very helpful. I was familiar with Integral philosophy & Ken Wilber’s work, and since I knew that Deb was an Integral coach™, I wanted to do some work with her. The coaching process was conversational, two people speaking and exchanging ideas while providing support, and guidance as well. As a result, I gained an alternative way of looking at my identity as it was changing due to my husband’s death.

I sought coaching to better understand my personal reactions in diverse environments. I was hoping to develop better ways of responding, verbally and through body language, in various situations. Deb was able to assist me in understanding my core beliefs/ values and learning when different degrees of response were required and necessary depending upon the situation. Deb is very astute and supportive, such that the coaching process was enjoyable, relaxing and always felt totally safe and nonjudgmental.


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