Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about your qualifications and professional standards?

I completed over 550 hours of specialized training with Integral Coaching Canada in 2005 through to 2008 to become certified as an Integral Master Coach™ . This training program exceeds the accreditation requirements of the International Coaching Federation; with its completion and over 1000 hours of coaching experience, I also earned their designation of Professional Certified Coach.

I am deeply committed to personal and professional integrity. I abide by the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation.

My professional coaching training builds on my 12 years of university studies in psychology, culminating in a Ph.D., and full licensure as a registered psychologist, with over 25 years of experience. Because I remain registered as a licensed psychologist, even when I am providing professional coaching services, I am governed by the College of Psychologists of Ontario. My registration number is 2804. This college exists for the protection of the public and provides me with clear guidelines for acting ethically, competently and appropriately with those receiving my services. As a consumer, you can contact the college via phone (416–961 –8817) or their website (, should you have any unresolvable concerns about my conduct. You may rest assured that I have had no complaints in over two decades of service.

How is professional coaching different from therapy, training, consulting, and mentoring? How do I know which service is best for me?

Good question, as most people consider a range of helpful partnerships when wanting to grow, develop and change.

Therapy allows people to explore and heal from past experiences, to develop new ways of understanding themselves and others, and to build skills for managing their emotions and relationships with more effective capacities. The therapeutic conversations can cover different aspects of life from week to week, the relationship is usually open-ended, and homework is optional, whereas in Integral Coaching™, clients work on a personal topic within a program of known duration and with customized developmental practices to complete between conversations. Furthermore, although the roots of a client’s way of being are acknowledged in coaching, the emphasis is on moving forward rather than exploring the past. If you would like to read more about my approach to psychotherapy, and my offering of worldwide services in this realm via secure videoconferencing, visit my other website:

Consulting allows you to benefit from an expert evaluating your situation and providing advice or feedback regarding potential solutions. In contrast, Integral CoachingTM is a cocreative process in which you receive guidance, structure and a view outside your own, but also contribute your own unique perspectives, values and experiences on behalf of clarity and momentum forward.

Similarly, training provides a set curriculum regarding a valuable skill set. Integral Coaching™ can include learning about useful skills, but encompasses you as a whole person with a tailor-made approach to adult growth that goes beyond knowledge and information, and acknowledges the complexity in making changes while still being yourself and true to what matters. Often we have competing commitments, such as being assertive and being nice, or being active and relaxing, or not overworking and ensuring top quality results… Integral Coaching™ allows me to work with you effectively to understand these types of “foot on the gas, foot on the brakes” ways of being stuck, and find new ways to navigate and integrate different commitments.

Finally, mentoring allows you to receive the wisdom and guidance of a seasoned colleague. While I bring a wealth of life experience to my coaching, this modality is much more structured, collaborative and customized to you than mentoring, and capitalizes on the power of the Integral Coaching™ method to create lasting and reliable changes with practices and reflection questions designed just for you, and conversations that facilitate you reaching your own insights.


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